Poesie im 19. Jahrhundert !

Ye say they have all passed away,

That noble race and brave;

That their light conoes have vanished

From off the crystal wave;

That 'mid the forest where they roamed,

There rings no hunter's shout;

But their name is on your waters,

And ye cannot wash it out


                                                                              written by Lydia Sigourney, 1791-1865


Detail aus Benjamin Franklin Reinhart " The Emigrant Train Bedding Down for the Night, 1867"



Was haben die Menschen in den USA gelesen, welche Gedichte schrieben sie, wen wen Texte aus dem 19.Jhrd interessiert, bitte Bild anklicken

Musik ist im Wind und in der Seele, wen Texte aus dem 19.Jhrd interessiert, bitte Bild anklicken.



A Contrast on Matrimony

by Elizabeth Markham


The man must lead a happy life,

Free from matrimonial chains,

Who is directed by a wife

Is sure to suffer for his pains.


Adam could find no solid peace,

When Eve was given for a mate,

Until he saw a woman’s face

Adam was in a happy state.


In all the female face, appear

Hypocrisy, deceit an Pride;

Truth, darling of a hear sincere,

Ne’er known in woman to reside.


What tongue is able to unfold

The falsehoods that in woman dwell;

The worth in woman we behold,

Is almost imperceptible.


Cursed be the foolish man, I say,

Who changes from his singleness;

Who will not yield to woman’s sway

Is sure of perfect belssedness.


Road to Oregon

by Elizabeth Markham


We left our friends in foreighn lands-

Our native country dear;

In sorrow, took the parting hand

And shed the falling tear.


For Oregon, three cheers they gave,

From us to disengage-

Fearing that we might find our graves

Amidst the sand and sage;


Or met by cruel savage bands,

An slaughtered on the way-

Their spectred visions, hand in hand,

Would round our pathway play.


To the Pacific’s temperate clime

Our journey soon began-

Traversing through the desert sands

Towards the setting sun.


On Platte the rocks like battlements,

Were towering tall and high;

The frightened elk and antelope

Before our trains would fly.


And herds of buffalo appear-

On either side they stand;

Far as our telescope could reach,

One thick and clustering band.


O’er sinking sands and barren plains,

Our frantic teams would bound-

While some were wounded, others slain,

Mid wild terrific sound.


And in these lone and silent dells

The winds were whispering low;

And moaning to the Pilgrims, tell

Their by-gone tales of woe.


Deserted on those mountains wild,

No ear to hear his cry-

Near by a spring, on a rude bluff,

They laid poor Scott to die.


Unaided grief and blighted hope,

Midst savage beasts of prey-

The fate of poor deserted Scott

Is wrapped in mystery!


Our toils are done, our perils o’er-

The weary pilgrims’ band

Have reached Columbia’s fertle shore-

That far-famed happy land.


O’er mountains high and burning plains,

Three thousand miles or more-

We are here; but who can e’er explain

Or count the trails o’er ?


Such clouds of mist hang round the scene,

O’er which we have no control;

It’s like a half-remembered dream,

Or tale that’s long been told.


Horse Sense

to Col. P.U.Montgomery

by Allegra


Ein Pferd ist ein treuer Freund

Es trägt meilenweit, was Füsse so weit

Nicht tragen mögen, nicht in der selben Zeit

Es schnaubt und trabt, es schwitzt und plagt, seine vier Beine

Für Dich, schwerer Reiter, alleine

Es steht ganz still, es springt und schlägt

Hört auf Kommando, von dem den es trägt

Es trotzt der Natur Unbill

springt in reissende Fluten, wenn sein Reiter das will

Ein Pferd kann kaum ein Kampf erschüttern

Es bleibt seinem Reiter treu, er braucht es nur zu füttern

Und selbst ist der Hunger noch so gross

Und selbst ist die Gefahr noch so gross

Und ist die Pein noch so gross

Ein Pferd ist ein treuer Freund

Und am Schluss, wenn es gestorben ist,

Den Reiter es nährt, wenn er es frisst.




Grandfather Great Spirit All Over The World

The Faces Of Living Things Are Alike.

With Tenderness, They Have Come Up Out Of The Ground.

Look Upon Your Children That They May Face The Winds

And Walk The Good Road To The Day Of Quiet.

Grandfather Great Spirit

Fill Us With The Light.

Give Us The Strength To Understand And The Eyes To See.

Teach Us To Walk The Soft Earth As Relatives

To All That Live.



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